Chris Marker: Geezer

29/7/12: Chris Marker, an influential French film-maker, writer and intellectual, has died at the age of 91.

I can’t say enough about how this guy influenced my thinking. ‘La Jettee’ (take yer 12 Monkeys and well you know) was a turning point for me when I started to think about moving image and how still image a moving collage could be as expressive as a piece of normal footage. Then that bit where there is a wink, wow what genius.

I started using After Effects for a big project and the whole time I kept referring Marker to the team, don’t think about the surface get into the deeper content by whatever means don’t follow the rule book, invent.

AK was another great piece of work about one of the greats of cinema as was his loving piece on Tarkovsky. When I went to Tallinn for the first time to work I couldn’t ignore the presence of ‘Stalker’ and a Marker film again influenced the Museum Project I did at the Saltstorage not more than a spit away from Tarkovsky’s location.

Thanks Chris you inspired me, hope the interview with Peter at the gates goes well!