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Artist in the Studio 2011

The title of my doctorate is ‘Modern Lovers’ the name comes from this song ‘Pablo Picasso’ (was never called an arsehole). There is a reference in the song to Pablo driving down the street in his gold ‘Eldorado’. This started a chain of thought and writing about the nature of art and meaning, being and time, self, the invention of identity. The hagiography of an artist often has more purchase in our perceptions of art than the work itself, many people know of Picasso but not all have seen his work. Last Easter I wrote about this in my yearly evaluation with reference to Picasso and Martin Kippenberger.

How the artist presents themselves to the world is a continuing theme. Check out the Schnabel New York Interview on this blog for a taster. [posted previously]

Having said all that this is a great song enjoy it and here is the man himself.


Hello Dali now thats entertainment!

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