In the early Nineties I was working in LA a schizo area called Echo Park not far from the Eastern end of Sunset Boulevard. Each morning I would take the car along the Boulevard and hear William Holden’s voice narrating the journey. One day I decided that I would drive the length of it and find Norma Desmond’s house. What I found instead at the very very end in Pacific Palisades was a house that introduced me to Charles and Ray Eames, designers who would forever inspire me. When it comes to creativity and play it was the Eames’s.

I have another design story about Sunset but that will have to wait.

Charles and Ray Eames might not be household names but from 1941 to 1978 their work helped shape nearly every facet of American life. They were pioneers in the use of new materials and architecture. Their ideas changed the way Americans furnished their homes. From their architecture and furniture, to their photography and design work for corporations, their work was a major influence artistically and culturally both during their lifetimes and today.

The PBS American Masters program Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter is Jason Cohn’s first feature documentary.