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Chris Marker: Geezer

29/7/12: Chris Marker, an influential French film-maker, writer and intellectual, has died at the age of 91.

I can’t say enough about how this guy influenced my thinking. ‘La Jettee’ (take yer 12 Monkeys and well you know) was a turning point for me when I started to think about moving image and how still image a moving collage could be as expressive as a piece of normal footage. Then that bit where there is a wink, wow what genius.

I started using After Effects for a big project and the whole time I kept referring Marker to the team, don’t think about the surface get into the deeper content by whatever means don’t follow the rule book, invent.

AK was another great piece of work about one of the greats of cinema as was his loving piece on Tarkovsky. When I went to Tallinn for the first time to work I couldn’t ignore the presence of ‘Stalker’ and a Marker film again influenced the Museum Project I did at the Saltstorage not more than a spit away from Tarkovsky’s location.

Thanks Chris you inspired me, hope the interview with Peter at the gates goes well!

When I was at Leeds Poly studying Design the tutors were mad about Metal Hurlant and Pilot, which put most of us off comic art for sometime. Later I became a fan of Moebius, in fact I became interested in many BD graphic artists when working in RCA Paris Studio in mid 80’s. Rivoli BHV at Hotel De Ville was full of Graphic Art Novels 20 years before they featured in UK stores. I was in Paris last year whilst his exhibition was on but sadly did not have time to visit. Now he’s working in that big studio in the sky, RIP Moebius.

This is brilliant

silent film: I Sampih dancing Igel Jongkok (Kebyar Duduk) with Gong Peliatan (A. A. Gede Mandera, kendang player) Filmed by Colin McPhee, c. 1931-38. Courtesy of the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive. Accompanies World Arbiter CD 2011: Bali 1928 recordings volume 1: Gamelan Gong Kebyar. see

What did you say Old Boy? Well thats spiffing. “One can, can one”

Beryl de Zoete and Walter Spies Photographs

kebyar legong dance in Menyali, North Bali in the 1930s,

kebyar legong dance in Menyali, North Bali in the 1930s,

the new dance kebyar legong Kebyar Trompong was witnessed as early as 1914 in Jagaraga.

Beryl de Zoete by Cecil Beaton
bromide print on white card mount, 1941
8 in. x 7 3/4 in. (204 mm x 196 mm)

National Portrait Gallery London

Given by Cecil Beaton, 1968

Charlie Chaplin

In the early Nineties I was working in LA a schizo area called Echo Park not far from the Eastern end of Sunset Boulevard. Each morning I would take the car along the Boulevard and hear William Holden’s voice narrating the journey. One day I decided that I would drive the length of it and find Norma Desmond’s house. What I found instead at the very very end in Pacific Palisades was a house that introduced me to Charles and Ray Eames, designers who would forever inspire me. When it comes to creativity and play it was the Eames’s.

I have another design story about Sunset but that will have to wait.

Charles and Ray Eames might not be household names but from 1941 to 1978 their work helped shape nearly every facet of American life. They were pioneers in the use of new materials and architecture. Their ideas changed the way Americans furnished their homes. From their architecture and furniture, to their photography and design work for corporations, their work was a major influence artistically and culturally both during their lifetimes and today.

The PBS American Masters program Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter is Jason Cohn’s first feature documentary.

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