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Kazuo Ohno The Written Face

Ignore some of the narration like ‘fetal purity” then this is informative

But this is Genius


This is brilliant

silent film: I Sampih dancing Igel Jongkok (Kebyar Duduk) with Gong Peliatan (A. A. Gede Mandera, kendang player) Filmed by Colin McPhee, c. 1931-38. Courtesy of the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive. Accompanies World Arbiter CD 2011: Bali 1928 recordings volume 1: Gamelan Gong Kebyar. see

What did you say Old Boy? Well thats spiffing. “One can, can one”

Beryl de Zoete and Walter Spies Photographs

kebyar legong dance in Menyali, North Bali in the 1930s,

kebyar legong dance in Menyali, North Bali in the 1930s,

the new dance kebyar legong Kebyar Trompong was witnessed as early as 1914 in Jagaraga.

Beryl de Zoete by Cecil Beaton
bromide print on white card mount, 1941
8 in. x 7 3/4 in. (204 mm x 196 mm)

National Portrait Gallery London

Given by Cecil Beaton, 1968

Charlie Chaplin

Singapore Art Gallery Guide – SAGG – The Sufi and the Bearded Man: Re-membering a Keramat in Contemporary Singapore.


My Dad wanted to called me Claude, he hated me! he called me Pete

Hi Andrew; Please find selection of research

Interview Hiroaki Umeda

Hiroaki Umeda

Cloud Gate Taiwan

Shadow Dancing:

Merce Cunningham and Robert Rauchenberg collaborations

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Hertzog)

Square Dance (Bruce Nauman)

Drip Dancing (Jackson Pollock)

Electronic Arts Intermix : Dance, Albert Fine

Lois Foller Serpentine Danse 1896

Anselm Kiefer Opera Bastille Paris Au commencement

Picasso Dancing, Nevin Dancing, Bathing Beauties!

Christopher Walken Now THAT Influences Me, You Geezer You

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