Lottie’s post is a true reflection of her exuberant character. Bias? yes of course its why I fell in love with her (and because she is so very beautiful). Our friends and children read it and its a link to them whilst we are so far away. The fact the so many others find it so engaging is a welcome bonus for a very exceptional lady with such a love of life. Well done Lottie. Love you The Irishman
P S Seen any ghosts lately?

Global From Home

If you haven’t already subscribed to this Abroad Blog of the Week, you’ll want to. I came across Lottie Nevin when I first started blogging about six months ago. I was hooked by Lottie’s blunt honesty but humorous take on the difficulties of being a Brit new to Jakarta. She is also a fabulous story-teller and frequently weaves previous life experiences into her present day predicaments. Lottie just celebrated her one-year blog birthday (huge congrats!) and her blog is a great source of funny advice for anyone considering a move to Indonesia. Want proof? Just keep reading for my interview with Lottie…I promise she’ll have you laughing by the end.

Looking back on this first year of living in Jakarta, what are you most proud of?

My greatest achievement thus far, is managing to avoid falling into any of the open sewers that are such an attractive feature of Jakarta…

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