Not sure what this is, or how it happened. Lottie used a one shot HD app, on the ordinary shot no figure on the HD this other figure emerged. It is different in many ways slimmer build, facing a different way carrying a rod not a net. Is it a feature of HD to record ghost. lol

Lottie Nevin - The Red House Diaries

One of my daughters, Serena, and her friend Kalisha are staying with us at the moment. Aside from the pleasure of their company, it also gives me a perfect excuse to go off exploring with them and spend lazy days on the beach here in Bali. Much as I love our local beach in Sanur, I decided that it was time for a change of scene so on Wayan’s recommendation, we headed over to Jimbaran for the day.

Jimbaran is an absolute delight and I shall be devoting  a lot of time to writing about it in future posts but for the moment I wanted to show you these photographs that I took on our first visit there.

After an hour or so of idleness and greedily eating more than my fair share of the picnic, I decided it was time for a post-prandial walk. I left Wayan to her…

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