Lottie has been so kind as to identify my ongoing issues with hotels across the universe which reminded me of an encounter in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur (then called The Regency) when I was on business for UEL some years ago. I travel on two passports British and Irish. When registering, I gave one to the concierge to prove that I was indeed Paddy Fields. The following morning I went out for a day of meetings and when I returned late afternoon was thirsting for a  drink  after a grueling day of negotiations. On picking up my keys the guy behind the desk said that my Prime Minister had left me a message and wanted to have a drink with me, wow I thought Tony Blair! How did he know I was here?  Obviously he needed my expert view on the state of Education, Education, Education. I was slightly perplexed that there were no snipers in evidence but then realised that good snipers would not show themselves. My appointment was in the VIP lounge (of course) and I was to be that at 19.00. I arrived and realized that I had put my Irish passport behind the desk and my host was Patrick Bartholomew Ahern, Bertie to friends like me! Well we had decent few Guinness and I was able to bullshit my way through an hour, discussing financial issues and putting all things Irish to right plus a few words of wisdom about this and that, mainly that. Nice geezer though and evidently up for the craic, I hope the recent financial difficulties are none of my doing as maths was never my strong point.