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Lottie Nevin - The Red House Diaries

The Irishman left Jakarta late on Thursday evening to catch an 8.5 hour red eye flight to Dubai. At Dubai he had to hang around for 4 hours before catching the connecting  5 hour flight that would get him to Munich. In total a journey time of over 17 hours, not including the 1 hour taxi ride to airport in Jakarta or the 2 changes of train, plus taxi ride he took which eventually go him to his hotel on the outskirts of Munich yesterday evening Indo time, early afternoon German time.

The reason he’s taken this trip is because he is a life long fan and supporter of Chelsea FC and today they are playing against Bayern Munich at their sensational homeground stadium, Allianz Arena, in the European Champions League Final. Irishman’s biggest luxury in life is his Chelsea season ticket which he renews every year without fail but…

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